Dribbling baby? Teething toddler? Spit happens, but don't worry we have got you covered! We are here for the mess! The original Eat Play Love baby bib was designed in 2012 by a mom (me) with teething, dribbling babies and messy nibblers in mind.

The original baby bib style is not only fashionable, but functional too; it is fast drying, reversible, adjustable and waterproof, keeping baby's chest dry and comfortable. Pop it in the wash or tumble dryer, this bib is designed for busy moms (because all moms are busy). Affordably priced so you can stock up and have a bib to match every outfit, because us moms sure do love to shop!

Durable quality baby bibs! Our number one compliment we get from moms is how well the bibs last.