The launch

Stars and stripes

After a whirlwind year (all of 2012), a wedding, a baby and the planning of a new business, it is all starting to take some direction. While the idea of the brand has been with me for some time (sketch books filled with thousands of doodles), it has only just come to life. It's not as easy as one thinks, starting a business (nevermind with a new addition to the family). I can honestly say that blood, sweat and tears have gone into this. I can also say that every bit of it has been worth the reward of being able to do what I love every day. I'm very glad to finally be launching with the bib line. Just cute, fun and playful dribble bibs for little ones. Designed to give the styling of a neckscarf and to work with babies outfit. The clothing line is under way, hard at work and will launch for spring/summer 2013/14. The blog will keep you updated on where I'm at. I'll be sending out little style files too, to inspire you to keep your little ones looking trendy. I leave you with our mantra 'Eat Play Love'...